E-Government Services

IGR Digitization

 igr This is an intelligent Point Of Sale (POS) based solution designed to manage the collection of taxes, levies and other internal generated revenue in a comprehensive manner.
Our tax digitization solution is very efficient and automates the revenue collection process, providing real time information for tax administrators and financial officers to plan for the future.

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Government Website Design

Government Website Design  Our government website design is integrated with a lot of features to meet the specifications of federal,state and local governments.Our E-government app is an effective tool to manage government operations and connect elected government officials with their citizenry . Our solution also features a document management system that is completely secure offering protection and priority access to highly sensitive documents.

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Biometrics and Data Capture

biometrics capture Biometrics is the process of identifying an individual using their biological data. Fingerprints and facial shapes are unique to an individual and using this data can provide an infallible method of identification.

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